Empowering the business owner’s most trusted advisor

Empowering the business owner’s most trusted advisor

Main street business owners are at the foundation of our nation’s economy. 65% of small business owners don’t have an advisor helping them impact revenue growth, profitability, and risk management.

Financial advisors, accountants, bankers, insurance brokers, and wealth managers want to serve these business owners but lack the tools to deliver insights where it matters most.

RISR is the engagement platform that unlocks growth for advisors and the business owners that our economy depends on.

Our Team

We’ve worked on behalf of advisors for decades.

Jason Early

Founder & CEO

Cory Siegfried

Chief Operations Officer

Steve Hutchison, CPA, CVA

Head of Business Planning

Alex Michaels, MBA

Head of Product

Brandon Tolle

Principal Software Engineer

Megan Cochran

Software Engineer


Angelo Grecco

Co-Founder at Propelr, Former SVP & Co-President SMB Direct at Fiserv

Kane Brenan

CEO at TIFF, Former Partner at Goldman Sachs

Kevin Lucey

Former COO at Hamilton Lane

Frank Coates

Former CTO at Dynasty Financial,Founder at Coates and Wheelhouse Analytics

David Henkin

Former Chief Innovation Officer at Vertex (VERX), COO at Coates Analytics, and Corporate Officer at Vanguard