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Unlock data and insights to drive deeper relationships with business owners.

$465M of business owner wealth transitions every day.

Nearly 60% of all private business owners are 50+ years old with many set to retire, sell, or transition out of their business over the next decade.

Over $7.9T of private business value will transition from retiring owners over that time.

Don’t miss the largest wealth transfer ever.

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The only comprehensive business owner engagement platform

Simplified data capture and analysis

Access the talking points you need to give great advice.

Clients link their QuickBooks or upload tax documents and our AI engine captures, organizes, and analyzes their data for you.

Inspire meaningful conversations

Clients get a list of recommended next steps across insurance, succession, estate, tax planning, and more to inspire conversations that matter.

Deliver insights your clients care about

Help owners optimize their decisions with insights based on their valuation, growth opportunities, key risks, exit goals, and more.

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Secure and seamless data capture

Invite clients to link their QuickBooks or upload their tax documents to our AI engine

Generate personalized business insights

Provide detailed insights that make an impact for owners across growth and risk mitigation

Build trust with better advice

Deepen your relationships by helping clients protect and plan for the future.

What other advisors are saying

Pat Prior


“I am always looking for ways to broaden my scope and transition clients to an advisory relationship. RISR is my secret weapon for doing so.”

Bill Medico


“I come from a family-owned business. As an advisor to businesses, I know how critical information is to decision-making for SMBs. RISR positions us perfectly to provide best-in-class advice. ”

Gary Daniels

Founder & Financial Advisor

"RISR wins us more business than any advisor tool ever has in the past”